How to Get More Beta Users to Test Your App or Website

“If we could get more beta users to sign up for our app test, we would be heroes!” said every startup founder.

It’s important to keep in mind that signups are only useful to the extent that they lead to engagement, feedback, referrals, or some other positive outcome. It isn’t just about getting more beta users to test your app. In the beta testing phase, your ultimate goal should be to improve some other key metric, for example active users or revenue, or simply to collect feedback so you can continue to improve. As you build your app, be sure you keep that end goal in mind, because signups are only the first step. Great products are usually born through iteration and customer feedback, which is something that we can help deliver with our beta testing packages.

With that said, we encourage every startup to hustle and make use of every free resource and proven marketing strategy to get more beta users to test your app.

Here are some proven ways to get more beta users to test your app:

  1. Free online exposure – Take as much advantage of free online exposure as possible. Some great options:
      • BetaList – Great resource to get pre-launch signups
      • ProductHunt – Once you’ve launched
      • Facebook groups – There are most likely numerous Facebook groups that include your target audience. Joining these groups and actively engaging in conversation with members and adding value to the group can be a great way to directly engage with your audience and adding users to your beta list.
      • Reddit – Reddit has a large number of very active audiences spread across many different areas of interest. There might be sub-reddits that are relevant to your product where you can introduce your product and get feedback. This is a another great way to engage your target market and get the word out.
  2. Get press – This website has an awesome database of tech journalists, guests blogs and influencers:
  3. Blogging – Start blogging about your product even before you launch. Content marketing can be a great strategy to attract interest for your product launch. You can also add a link to your landing page on your blog posts where users can sign up for your beta email list.
  4. Email List – Start building an email list and keep your audience engaged by sending them valuable / interesting content. You should get started as you are building your product (not once you finish). That way, by the time you do launch you will have an audience that is already receptive to you and your product.
  5. Quora – Another great website to gain credibility with your audience and get exposure. You can search for questions that are relevant for your target audience and provide helpful answers and solutions.
  6. Advertise – Advertise using Google Adwords or Facebook – While you might be able to get some users for free, if you’re looking for a significant number of beta signups you’ll need to invest in user acquisition.
  7. Get help – There are several companies that specialize in beta testing and can help with this.

Things to watch out for during the Beta period:

  • Don’t make users sit on your waiting list for too long. The longer they have to wait, more likely that they will forget about you or lose interest, resulting in a smaller % of them actually engaging when you do eventually launch.
  • Don’t expect everyone on your list to be anxiously anticipating your launch. Most likely, only around 25–50% of the users on your list will actually engage.
    Not communicating regularly with your list will also result in lack of interest. Be sure to invite them to be a part of building your product. You can keep them up-to-date on your launch date, send surveys and collect feedback.
  • To get the highest quality and engagement and feedback, make sure your beta signups are a part of your target market. It’s not very effective to just have people on your list just for the sake of having a list. If they are the right people, it is more likely that they will be more interested and engaged with the product.
  • Do your best to remove any and all road blocks. Every difficulty your users face will result in fewer users engaging and providing feedback. Some things to watch out for: – Do testers need an invite code? Do they need to install a profile on their iOS device so you can collect their UDID? Do they need to confirm their email (or phone number) prior to access? Do they need to install TestFlight? Do they need to wait days or months to get access?

Some good techniques to increase engagement during the beta testing process:

  • Keep users engaged and give them a reason to come back. Communicate with them via email and app notifications.
  • Make it extremely easy for people to test and give feedback. Don’t make people jump through hoops.
  • Create a formal testing process with deadlines, surveys, incentives, and regular communications. Users should know what they are testing, what you need from them, how they can help, and what is in it for them.

Learn about how BetaTesting can help your company launch better products with our beta testing platform and huge community of global testers.

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