TVCO: Beta Testing Case Study

TVCO Tests Live Broadcast Functionality And Builds a Community of TV Lovers.

Since the Golden Age of Television in the 1950’s, nothing has brought the family together quite like gathering around the living room TV.  But today, this pastime is changing. With limitless personalized entertainment options at our fingertips, more and more people are watching exactly what they want, when they want, and no longer fighting over the remote. While this is a welcome change for our hectic lives, watching TV just isn’t as much fun without sharing the experience with someone else.

Startup TVCO, based in New York, is a new social network (iOS and Android) seeking to reshape this experience and build a community of TV fans and celebrities so you never need to watch TV alone again. Through the app, TV lovers can participate in communities built around their favorite shows: join chat rooms, watch live video broadcasts to hear what someone else has to say, or host their own TVCO.

Since the early beta stages, TVCO has been working with BetaTesting to test key app functionality with each major release and collect feedback directly from their target audience. Broadcasting technology is complex, and presents a unique challenge during the testing phase, according to Co-founder Tyler Korff.

“Our mobile application allows any user to broadcast live from within the app, and it was particularly challenging to find a good number of testers who could all be available to test live at the same time,” said Mr. Korff. “We also required a flexible test that allowed for dynamic instructions- with testers alternating between broadcasting and watching. The BetaTesting platform supports such a complex testing environment. BetaTesting was able to recruit testers and coordinate a live test with over a hundred testers on short notice. The feedback allowed us to refine our processes and continue scaling.”

Through the flexible BetaTesting platform, TVCO found an ideal solution for both technical bug testing and user feedback. While initially searching for a company to help conduct a single beta test, TVCO instead found a partner for continued iterative and agile testing into the future with each major release.

“We were looking for a cost-efficient way to simultaneously test our app for bugs and obtain user feedback. BetaTesting’s nifty user interface provides the perfect combination of testing and user feedback, and allowed us to achieve our goals,” said Korff.

“We were looking for a testing company and we were happy when we found a testing partner.” said Korff. “With BetaTesting, we found a company that felt like an extension of our in-house team. The most important factors, for us, were responsiveness, collaboration, and flexibility. We spoke with a couple other testing platforms before finding BetaTesting, but as soon as we met the BetaTesting team, we knew we had found our partner.”

BetaTesting’s approach to beta testing and customer feedback is never hands-off, but instead is a collaborative effort with each client that includes planning, execution, and feedback analysis.

“Our BetaTesting project lead, Michael, was tremendously helpful in shaping our campaigns,  providing valuable guidance on survey questions and tasks as well as tweaking our language to make the test clearer,” said Korff. “BetaTesting KNOWS the testing community – even little changes to our proposed test, improvements we never would have otherwise considered, made a HUGE difference both in terms of clarity and efficacy. From the very beginning, the BetaTesting team was quick to respond when we had questions about the process or structure of the tests or the BetaTesting platform; we greatly appreciated the quick turnaround time. I can’t imagine what testing would have looked like without BetaTesting.”

“One’s never quite sure what to expect with respect to the quality of beta testers, but any doubts we had about beta testing were immediately put to rest when we reviewed the results of our BetaTesting campaigns. BetaTesting found us testers who intuitively grasped our product and what we are trying to accomplish. Having such early adopters on board gave us the confidence to move forward with build releases and further development. BetaTesting testers are smart and sophisticated – and it was fun working with them. They provided us with all the detailed information we needed in order to pinpoint bugs and improve user experience.”

Learn about how BetaTesting can help your company launch better products with our beta testing platform and huge community of global testers.

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