Small Changes, Large Impact: How Beta Tests Improved Amazon's App.

When most people plan to run a beta test, they think big. We need to test the entire app for usability. We have to find all the bugs before we launch. Lets rebrand our entire site.


While thinking about the entire product and entire user flow is necessary, sometimes it’s the smallest things that confuse users. A small change to your copy can drive more conversions. A small update in your design might make a key feature more clear. This is where some of the most important changes to the usability and user experience of your product come from.


This example really drives the point home.



Even the best e-commerce company in the world makes assumptions and mistakes that lead to user confusion. To customers in rural India, the magnifying glass icon for search was a ping-pong paddle!


Most of us have biases about product design and assume certain icons are universally known to everyone to mean something specific. But as more and more people get online, in remote and rural areas of the world, those biases need to be tested. Everyone, from Amazon to new startups, needs to beta test their apps and get in-depth feedback to figure out if your product is creating confusion you never thought about before.

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