Beyond Beta Tests: Collect Data for AI and Machine Learning

Over the past few months, we’ve seen more clients leverage the BetaTesting community (200,000+ participants) to collect real-world data to improve AI and machine learning within their product:

Crowdsource pictures to improve image detection algorithms.

A large car parts company in Europe crowdsourced pictures of car interiors from BetaTesting users to tag images for debris, helping their machine learning algorithm learn if a car was clean or dirty. Within days, they were able to collect thousands of pictures from different vehicle types around the world to improve their product.

Track phone sensor data (e.g. locations, battery, acceleration). 

Another customer had users share their schedules throughout the day (at home, driving to work, at work, sleeping, etc) and matched it to their phone sensor data to learn more about their customers and improve their AI algorithms to anticipate customer behavior.

Gather user ratings to improve recommendations engine.

A number of companies have improved their recommendation engines for content by asking a wide variety of testers to rate content and give user feedback around preferences and categories to make their products more personal and targeted for each customer.

Collect software telemetry for PC app over several weeks.

An antivirus product for desktops asked users to beta test their product and provide back-end log files to track the software telemetry internally within their team and learn more about how the product behaved across various devices and operating system versions.


AI and machine learning products need more data than ever, and our platform + community is the perfect mix to source large datasets or hard-to-find niche users to make your products more accurate and powerful. This includes pictures, speech inputs, mobile usage, location data, and much more. 

As a team, we are excited to see these opportunities to connect to users in different ways to improve products beyond beta tests. Our community of over 200,000+ people is perfect for gathering any data you need to improve your products. With our tools, you can find the right demographic anywhere around the world and get the exact data you need – within hours or days. 

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