CapperNetwork / Beta Testing Case Study

Capper Network collects valuable user experience feedback from fantasy sports players during website’s beta testing phase.

These days, it pays to be a good at predicting sports. Each year, an estimated $10 billion changes hands through March Madness NCAA brackets, mostly between friends, coworkers, and family. Fantasy sports is rapidly growing too. In 2018, more than 60 million people play fantasy sports in the US and Canada, generating an estimated $7 billion annually. Sports predicting has become a hobby for both casual and dedicated sports fans.

Capper Network is a startup capitalizing on this evolving industry by developing a web platform for sports predictors (also known as Handicappers, or Cappers).

“Capper Network is geared to find out exactly what teams and players handicappers are accurate at predicting,” said CEO Tucker Harris. “Our users can prove their expertise at predicting certain teams and players,  which will increase the demand to see their predictions and analysis on those teams and players.”

When searching for a beta testing partner, CapperNetwork turned to to help design and execute a successful beta campaign.

“My team researched various beta testing services before ultimately deciding to go with BetaTesting. We were impressed with the list of previous happy customers that had worked with BetaTesting.” said Harris.

For the beta test, it was extremely important to recruit fantasy sports players that would be interested in the platform and have the context and experience to provide valuable feedback.

“Since our concept is so unique, we really wanted to see what sports fans thought about our platform in general. Fortunately, attracted beta testers that were very close to our exact target market (many still use the site today),” said Harris.

By analyzing the feedback reporting provided by BetaTesting, the CapperNetwork team discovered several trends and opportunities to improve the product, along with many ideas to influence the future product road map.

“We received a ton of good ideas for enhancing and expanding our product. We also changed some things we knew about but the feedback really helped prioritize what needed to be done sooner than later. The main problem was our landing page. We thought it was pretty good but it was a common turn off. We realized its importance and have factored in the feedback to form our new landing page which is currently being designed,” said Harris.

Moving forward, CEO Tucker Harris plans to continue to use BetaTesting services for future test iterations.

“The process could not have been better. We got what we paid for and more. The BetaTesting team was easy to get a hold of and very professional. We really appreciate it and will be coming back for more! The next tests we run with BetaTesting will be more focused on particular features instead of general user experience. We will most certainly be using BetaTesting’s services again,” said Harris.

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