Drupe: Beta Testing Case Study

Drupe leverages successful beta testing period and finds success with millions of users and a 4.6/5.0 on the Play Store.

Today, more than 23 billion text messages, 30 billion whatsapp messages, 10 billion phone calls, and countless more emails, IM messages, Tweets, Snapchats are exchanged daily around the world.

Our mobile technology has forever changed the way we communicate. But as we deal with an increasing array of communication options, it has become difficult and time-consuming to manage interactions across apps with separate contact lists and unique experiences.

Innovative Israel-based startup drupe has been working on solving that problem. Now with Millions of downloads and an average user rating of 4.6/5 stars, drupe brings your apps and contacts together in an intuitive unified experience that helps you connect with one-swipe and less hassle.

Since the company’s inception, drupe has been committed to understanding and improving the user experience. As part of the pre-launch research and marketing process, drupe ran an intensive 3 month beta test, before the official launch.

“drupe’s beta stage took 3 months and was a critical element in our successful launch,” said drupe’s CEO, Barak Witkowski. BetaTesting.com played a key role in this beta testing stage, helping drupe secure over 300 quality real-world testers for feedback on the user experience.

“BetaTesting.com helped us gain quality beta testers quickly and at scale. It’s pretty much the holy grail when you go on beta,” said Barak, the CEO.We tested the app’s visual language (color scheme, icon and so forth), text, UI and UX. We’ve done a lot of changes based on feedback we received in the beta. We were also able to work on our retention, based on real users’ feedback, before the public launch, which was great.”

In addition to UX and UI feedback, drupe’s large beta pool allowed the team to catch difficult bugs and technical issues through a wide range of devices and real-world scenarios.

“We identified some UX issues and bugs on specific devices that we didn’t catch before the beta,” said Barak Witkowski, the CEO. “We also changed some elements in the UX that were found to be either confusing or annoying, such as eliminating constant notifications in the ‘drawer’”

So what beta advice does drupe team have for new product managers and marketers?

“Running a successful pre-launch beta stage is a must have for every app that aims high. Our two cents are: Make sure you have enough quality testers so you get insights based on valid data, ask the right questions, and blend in your marketing – a beta launch is still a launch!”

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