Neura / Beta Testing Case Study

Neura delivers high performance technology by optimizing battery consumption.

Perhaps no technology will impact our future more than Artificial Intelligence. If 2017 was the “Year of The Bot”, 2018 may be the Year the Bot finally earns the title of “Smart”. A record breaking holiday sales season saw the Echo Dot become the #1 selling product on Amazon, while Google has sold more than one Google Home per second since the product debut in late October.

In recent years, AI technology has progressed from a joke, to incredibly smart. Now, it’s hard not to be impressed as our devices begin to integrate seamlessly into our lives, understand what we say, and actually improve our experience interacting with the products around us. Despite the advances, it’s only just the beginning and the future for AI technology is bright.

One company leading the charge is Sunnyvale, California based Neura, Inc.

Neura is a personal AI solution that changes the way digital products interact with people. Neura adds user awareness to apps and devices. This enables their customers to deliver a more personalized experience to their users based on their behavior, habits, and activity. With Neura, digital products can boost engagement and retention by personally reacting to critical moments throughout the user’s day.

As an ingredient technology embedded into other software, it’s vitally important that Neura operates flawlessly, fast, and efficiently. When Neura needed a partner to manage research and testing for battery consumption in the real world, Neura CTO Triinu Magi turned to

“Because Neura’s APIs are accessed via its SDK, it is very important to keep our resources consumption on the user’s device as low as possible,” said Magi. “Keeping a low battery consumption is imperative to our customers as it has great impact on the user experience. We work very hard to be able to deliver our services with high performance levels and minimum battery usage (less than 1%). We run many tests internally and keep improving our performance but before we roll out a new version to our customers, we must check how it performs in the ‘real world’ on a variety of devices and users in different locations. Our ability to check the battery consumption is limited to the devices that we have and the internal testers we can use.”

While testing products in-house or with automated testing tools can prove very helpful, there is no replacement for real-world testing on a wide array of devices and environments. helped recruit users within Neura’s target market, and tested the SDK for multiple days (both weekdays and weekends) in order to thoroughly test the product in the real world.

“From experience we’ve learned that some issues are detected only after experiencing the SDK in different locations and devices. We need to make sure that problems are solved so they don’t happen with our customer’s users,” said Magi.

BetaTesting’s test results allowed Neura to quickly diagnose and improve battery consumption, leading to multiple test cycles in order to optimize battery performance.

“During the first test cycle, we received valuable information that led to product changes. We went on to add another test cycle. The process was very easy and convenient. BetaTesting can move very fast and adapt to our changing needs. We informed BetaTesting that we want to lengthen the test and they were fast to respond and react with a sufficient number of testers. The testers that completed the test were good – completed all the questions and provided a lot of feedback. It helped us understand better how the product works in the real world. We improved our battery consumption and also our monitoring capabilities,” said Magi.

As a company that focuses on continually improving the user experience, Neura has found a consistent partner in

“We have worked with BetaTesting a few times in the past and have been pleased with the process. BetaTesting offers a good value compared with the competition. They provide a guarantee to the numbers of testers that will finish the cycle and professionally manage the process, minimizing the resources required for us to manage it. The BetaTesting platform is also very easy to use (as a test manager). The results are shown immediately and clearly. The ability to connect with the user to ask specific questions is also valuable to us.”

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